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CC2Download.exe Kategorie: Progr. Assembler, TaskingTools, OS (von Eric - 30.07.2001 20:44)

When I try to download an assembly routine into segment 3 using CC2Download.exe I get the error

nikationsFehler - Abgeschnittenes Echo des Datenbloks (4/35

The CC2 keeps waiting with LOAD HEX on the display.

The error only comes when loading "large" programs
(> +/- 50 bytes). Loading of smaller programs works fine. Also loading of the os or vmc-code gives no problems.

 Also it seems only the first intel hex data record is stored of the smaller programs.

Who can help?

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Re: CC2Download.exe (von Robert - 31.07.2001 23:20)
    Re: CC2Download.exe (von Eric - 1.08.2001 15:16)